BOSS is an online web portal that facilitates the electronic submission of Electronic Public Offering (ePO) applications to the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD).

To access the portal, prospective investors should visit the web address baritaboss.com

The BOSS portal provides the below conveniences to clients:

  • Submit and provide funding for your application anywhere and at anytime.
  • Track your application status online.
  • We keep you informed every step of the way via emails.

No. Once you have a valid JCSD Account number through a licensed stockbrokerage in Jamaica, you can use BOSS.


  • TRN or Jamaican issued Driver’s Licence for all applicants
  • Signature- electronic or download sign & upload
  • Proof of Payment- document/ screen shot of payment made

No. Prospective investors will no longer be required to submit a physical application form.

To participate in IPO/APO, investors are required to be a holder of an existing JCSD (Jamaica Central Securities Depository) account with any broker.

A JCSD account is an electronic account for holding securities on behalf of an investor. This account can be opened through any broker.

Conditions apply. Please contact us at support@barita.com / baritacssteam@barita.com for more information.

Yes, you can use your existing account(s).

Yes. Any active JCSD account can be used to apply.

Clients who have not signed up for online credentials/ Barita online credentials will be able to complete an application form without creating a user profile by Apply Now option. The below actions are possible for these clients:

  • Complete and submit an electronic form.
  • Track status of application

Clients who currently use Barita Online can use their login credentials to access BOSS platform.

Clients with Barita online credentials will be able to do the following via the platform:

  • Login using online credentials- Chose quick checkout
  • Submit and fund an electronic application.
  • Track status of application online
  • Add JCSD account with other brokers

Sign up at www.Barita.com or contact via baritacssteam@barita.com or telephone (876)926 2681 for more information.

Once clients submit their applications via the BOSS portal, there will be no need to visit your broker. However, clients wishing to participate in the offer should ensure that payments are made at least two (2) business days prior to submitting your application.

Yes. All account holders including joint account holders over the age of 18 years are required to give consent.

  • Consent is required by signature upload electronically or written upload.
  • Barita clients using accounts held at Barita to apply should ensure that funds are available and clear written instruction are sent to debit accounts.
  • Non clients should apply based on the funding instructions provided in the IPO /APO prospectus document

To track your application, sign into your BOSS account & you will see all your applications on the dashboard.

No. Currently the BOSS does not allow for order cancellations. However, clients may contact their Wealth Advisor or our Barita Customer Service Support team at (876)926 2681 or baritacssteam@barita.com for further assistance.

To avoid cancellation, clients are required to complete all areas of the application with special focus given to the below:

  • The JCSD number provided is accurate and active
  • Quality and clear TRN/DL uploaded
  • Clear signatures are attached to the application- All applicants have signed and consented
  • Applications are funded
All clients will be required to have funded/ made payment via the options outlined in the prospectus and/or details provided on BOSS before applying.